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Final Fantasy VII
Reunion Tracks

FF7 Reunion

  • First pressing: SSCX-10012
    (released 10/22/97 by DigiCube Co., Ltd.)
  • Squaresoft catalog number:
    (released 10/22/97 by DigiCube Co., Ltd.)
  • Triple Platinum Anniversary edition: SSCX-10012
  • Square Enix re-release: SQEX-10042
    (released 2/23/05)

  • SonMay: A&G-031
  • EverAnime: GM-223
  • Archer Records: I haven't found the number, but here's a picture of it
  • Miya Records: MICA-0156
  • Composed, arranged, and produced by Nobuo Uematsu
  • Orchestrated by Shirou Hamaguchi

    19 tracks, plus one hidden track
    Total playing time: 68:18

    Liner notes translation

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    Contains selected songs from Final Fantasy VII for the PlayStation. Includes three orchestrated songs and one hidden track.

    First pressing: Everything is the same as the Squaresoft version, except it comes with a sticker measuring about 4.5 by 3 inches. Aside from the sticker, you wouldn't be able to tell if you had a first pressing or not. Also comes with a customer survey postcard.

    Squaresoft version: Liner notes have the tracklist in Japanese (kana); a message from Nobuo Uematsu; a transcript of a dialogue between Nobuo Uematsu and Shibuya Youichi that's titled "The accidental dialogue"; short profiles of Uematsu and Youichi; and a set of 9 small, blue-tinted pictures on one page of the recording sessions and some "artsy" shots of instruments, headphones, and other stuff. Also comes with a customer survey postcard. The CD tray is clear and underneath it is a rather terrible, childish-style illustration by Tetsuya Nomura (sorry, Nomura! ^_~ ), of Uematsu with Aeris, Cloud, Tifa and the FF7 logo, all drawn on a light-blue background.

    Triple Platinum Edition: Everything is the same as the SS version, except it doesn't have the sticker. The liner notes' content and layout are the same as the SS version.

    Square Enix re-release: This is a reissue of the Squaresoft/DigiCube version, with some changes. The liner notes do NOT have the "accidental dialogue." It also does NOT include a survey postcard. And, of course, the publishing information has been changed to Square Enix rather than DigiCube. Otherwise, barring any corrections or slight text changes that might have been made to the text that I didn't catch, the liner notes, CD and music are the same as the original SS version. The only real differences are the new catalog number, and minor changes to the obi and the back cover, which you can see by comparing the scans above.

    SonMay version: The cover is black, and the Meteor logo is blue and white. The obi has the "Triple Platinum Anniversary" logo on it (see "Interesting notes" section below). Liner notes include tracklist in kana; the message from Uematsu; and the 9 pictures. Amazingly enough, the inside back cover of the liner notes also has music and production credits, EXCEPT that all company names such as SQUARE and DigiCube have been removed. The track numbers on the first page and the words "Composed, arranged and produced by Nobuo Uematsu" on the last page are printed in red. (SM must have something about red.) Also includes a customer survey card in Chinese.

    Here's where it gets a bit confused. I have 2 copies of the SM CD. In both of them, the CD tray is also clear. However, one of them is just plain white underneath the tray, while the second one has the same Nomura illustration beneath the tray as in the SS version. The no-illustration one shows a total play time of 68:26, which is only because each track has 1 or 2 seconds more of silence than in the other versions. Others have told me that their copies have opaque black CD trays, BUT they also have the Nomura illustration hidden beneath it.

    The other strange thing is that the SM CD that does NOT have the Nomura illustration under the CD tray also does NOT have the hidden "Katatsubasa no tenshi" (One-winged angel) instrumental track. But the version that DOES have the Nomura illustration also DOES have the hidden track. I think this makes it pretty obvious that there have been several pressings of the SM CDs, which very likely also holds for other bootlegs.

    EverAnime version: The cover is white, and the Meteor logo is printed in a multicolor gradient (I guess it's to simulate the "shine" of the SS version's foil logo). The obi has the "Triple Platinum Anniversary" logo on it. The liner notes' content and layout is the same as the SS version, except it's missing some credits that were originally found in the "accidental dialogue." It also has the same Nomura illustration under the CD tray. Also includes customer survey card in Chinese. The CD DOES have the hidden track.

    Interesting notes:

    (0)(Katatsubasa no tenshi - instrumental)
    (One-winged angel)
    The EverAnime version DOES have the hidden track. The SonMay version is iffy; see my description above.
    (Opening - Bombing mission)
    2Hoshi furu kyuukoku
    (Valley where stars fall)
    3Sara ni tatakau monotachi
    (Again the people fight)
    4Bokujou no shounen
    (Boy of the pasture)
    5RUUFAUSU no kangei shikiten
    (Rufus' welcoming ceremony)
    (Electric guitar de chocobo)
    7Mitsubachi no yakata
    (Mansion of the Honeybee)
    (Cid's theme)
    9Jukai no shinden
    (Forested temple)
    10Tatakau monotachi
    (The people fight)
    11Tabi no tochuu de
    (In the middle of a journey)
    (Gold Saucer)
    (Crazy motorcycle)
    (Cait Sith's theme)
    15Shinobi no matsuei
    (Descendant of Shinobi)
    Orchestra Version
    (FF7 main theme)
    18Katatsubasa no tenshi
    (One-winged angel)
    (Aeris' theme)

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