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Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack
Limited edition

FF7 OST limited ed.
(Cover taken from a web site;
full image taken from a Yahoo Japan auction)

  • Catalog number: SSCX-10003
    (released 2/10/97 by DigiCube Co., Ltd.)

  • Composed/arranged by Nobuo Uematsu
    4 discs, 85 tracks total
    Total playing time: 4:34:11

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    Sheet music from AnimeNation
    Sheet music from Gamemusic.com

    Soundtrack to the Final Fantasy VII game for the Playstation.

    Warning! If you have this set, be careful where you store it. I've found that the Meteor logo on the front of the liner notes, whatever it's made of has a tendency to melt after a while and stick to whatever it's next to. Yes, it happened to me, so I advise that you check on your copy every so often to make sure this hasn't happened.

    Alcahest (not his real name), who is a former employee of Square Europe, tells me there is only one version of the limited edition. However, Roger Matthews bought a version that looked *very* different from the official one; click here to see video captures of it, courtesy of Roger. It has no catalog number. None of us is quite sure of its origin, but it looks pretty cool nonetheless. ^_^

    Mystery version: Comes in a double-CD jewel case with a slipcase. The slipcase shows Cloud standing beside his motorcycle. Roger bought his secondhand and he tells me there are no liner notes. Alcahest suspects that whoever it was simply made his own slipcase. Which makes me wonder where the guy got the original CDs in the first place...

    Official limited edition: Comes in a black, laser-disc sized box with the FF7 logo engraved on a thin metal plate.

    If you're looking to buy this set: My general advice to you is: Don't hold your breath. This is one of the rarer Final Fantasy CDs, but there are a few places you can try.

    Tracklisting: The tracklist is the same as the regular-edition version; please check there for the complete listing.

    Related works: CDs with arrangements of FF7 tunes. Please check the FF7 regular edition page for related works. All arrangements of the FF Prelude, FF Prologue, the Victory Theme, and the Chocobo Theme are listed with the FF1 soundtrack.

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